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March 20 2015

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March 02 2014

December 13 2013

interactive idris development in emacs

sort of my procrastination project since 9 months (after curry book, during dissertation and still ongoing)

a former colleague made an animated gif of its interactive features \o/
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November 14 2013

October 08 2013

May 06 2013

July 13 2012

You can create art and beauty on a computer: Cracking the Agrippa Code

In 1992 cyberpunk author William Gibson wrote a short poem called Agrippa (a book of the dead) that tells about memory, loss, nature and mechanism, all framed by a Kodak photo album. The poem was bundled into a Mac System 7 application and included on a 3.5” diskette in the back of a noir art book by Dennis Ashbaugh and Kevin Begos, Jr.

Once run, the program displays Gibson’s poem just once, and encrypts itself. Never to be seen again, until now.

Lots of resources, including scans of some of the LISP-code used in this project, at project page.
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March 07 2012

February 07 2012

November 28 2011

Apr 30

5th European Lisp Symposium

Apr 30–May 1, 2012 Add this event to a calendar application
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November 15 2011


a common lisp library providing a common interface to charge creditcards

October 25 2011

RIP John McCarthy
(poster was created using lisp, of course)
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October 02 2011


PLOKAMI is a libpcap/winpcap interface.

\o/ \o/ \o/
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April 01 2011

"You are in a maze of little twisty format directives, all different." "You are in a twisty maze of little format directives, all different." "You are in a little maze of twisty format directives, all different."...
— nyef in #lisp
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February 25 2011

<Guthur> anyone know what sort of proof one needs to provide of being a student for ELS?

<Xach> Write LISP in all caps, ask for help with implementing "flatten"

— #lisp. It's funny because it's true.
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November 04 2010

Chillax and Protocols « (blog :sykosomatic)

Excellent summary of how object oriented programming in CL is different form OOP in most other languages.
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October 29 2010

Play fullscreen
Land of Lisp- The Music Video!
(Watch out for the "Play him off, keyboard cat" cameo!)
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October 28 2010

October 09 2010

Quicklisp beta information

The quicklisp beta is now available. Go get it!
Quicklisp aims to make it easy to get started with a rich set of community-developed Common Lisp libraries.
And it does (-:
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